政府 agencies send sensitive data via their networks on a daily basis to perform tasks including conducting surveillance, 转移军事通信, 提供市政宽带. The wrong 网络设置 can spell disaster in the event of a malicious attack or data leak. 政府 organizations require reliable networks to prevent downtimes which can have lasting impacts on jobs, 公民, 和经济.

政府 agencies are among the top three targeted entities for data breaches largely due to the sensitive data 和 records transmitted via their networks 和 stored on their servers. Data breaches can expose personal identification data 和 cost public sector agencies millions.

数据泄露的平均代价是3美元.9 million, costing organizations an average of $150 per record lost. Data breaches can also go undetected for several months, 增加了攻击的严重性, taking an average of 279 days before they are identified 和 contained.

政府机构通常会优先考虑 网络可靠性, security, 和 speed when choosing the right setup. 两种最常见的网络推广形式 政府网络 安全 波长服务交换式以太网. 虽然不常见, some larger municipalities opt to use dark fiber for cost-savings 和 virtually unlimited capacity so long as they keep upgrading their equipment.

Here is what to consider when choosing between the top three setups for 政府网络安全:

1. 波长服务

波长服务 are designed for speed 和 security, which are two of the main requirements for any 政府 网络设置. The service allows organizations to reliably receive the speeds they require because they lease a wavelength of light for transmitting data along a fiber optic cable, 通常由 管理网络服务 提供者(MNSP).

政府 agencies using 波长服务 receive a cost-effective setup optimized for private 和 reliable data transfer. Since wavelength setups require investments in both network equipment 和 IT staff to operate the network, the service is a good fit for larger agencies or municipalities with multiple locations to serve.

2. 交换式以太网

交换式以太网 简化管理 网络基础设施,促进成本节约. Physical connections also increase signal strength 和 reliability compared to Wi-Fi or other wireless services. Users can receive unhindered connection speeds 和 network strength through the service’s direct linkage.

因为以太网是一种基于电缆的物理连接, it is harder to access 和 potentially hack compared to wireless networks, 延伸到机构墙之外. A malicious attacker would need to gain access to the network source’s physical location 和 connect from the inside in order to successfully hack into an ethernet setup .

Ethernet services offer 政府 agencies increased scalability to prepare for future b和width needs. Ethernet provides both local area network (LAN) 和 wide area network (WAN) capabilities, allowing organizations to receive consistent b和width 和 connection speeds across multiple locations.

最后, ethernet’s route diversity helps ensure 网络可靠性 by providing alternate cables for data transferring if primary routes become bogged down or unavailable.

3. 黑暗的纤维

黑暗的纤维 networks provide 政府s with the network b和width necessary to promote scalability 和 to support evolving needs. The service ensures agencies can exp和 to new areas without stopping service or needing to switch network providers. 黑暗的纤维 also supports sending different data signals at the same time on different wavelengths, 增加了网络容量.

The service promotes secure networks because it’s managed 和 controlled by the 政府 agency, 没有MNSP的参与. Organization staff members operating dark fiber are the only ones with visibility into what data is being sent or received in the network. 黑暗的纤维 also enables public sector agencies to continue to exp和 capacity with each network equipment upgrade.

4. Promote Security With a Managed Network Service Provider

MNSPs take some of the security burden off managing networks so 政府 agencies can focus less on network troubles 和 more on their crucial public sector responsibilities. 在一般情况下, municipalities are responsible for choosing the right equipment, 如防火墙, 路由器, 和交换机, to control 和 enforce network access 和 communication protocols. A MNSP adds an additional layer of security by hosting networks in hub stations where only their employees can gain access.

Since networks are kept separate from the provider, MNSPs act as a great backup or secondary service. If a person tries to break into a cable network provider’s service, they are unable to access data transferred via a MNSP network route without also hacking from that source too.

下载 网络解决方案概述 了解如何与MNSP合作推广 政府网络安全.



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