Why Enterprises Should Leverage Business Ethernet

As the business world continues to grow and enterprises push for greater innovation, they will require strong, reliable, and high-capacity networks to stay competitive and support mission-critical services. Business ethernet allows companies to stay agile to meet current and future bandwidth needs as they grow.

Organizations are increasingly embracing the cloud to store data and host their applications. Ethernet supports a company’s cloud needs by providing dependable and super-fast connections, which will prepare them for emerging cloud capabilities.

Advantages of leveraging ethernet services include:

Low Cost

Business ethernet is designed to streamline network infrastructure and management, which reduces equipment costs while promoting performance and speeds. The highly secure setup can save companies thousands of dollars annually by minimizing downtimes, which can cost organizations $5,600 per minute according to Gartner1.

Fast Speeds

Wired connections commonly outperform wireless connections for data transfer speeds because they don’t lose strength like wireless networks do when they are far from the router, for example. Wireless connections can also lose their signal strength due to physical barriers, such as if walls or office furniture are in the way. 

By leveraging wired ethernet, an enterprise can achieve optimized upload and download speeds to better handle large file transfers. Ethernet connections also provide ultra-low latency connections to increase network performance.

High Reliability

Ethernet provides customers with the option of having route diversity, or backup network connection routes in the event of the mainline failing. The setup’s fast re-routing capabilities help ensure that organizations receive fast traffic recovery upon any equipment or network issues to promote uptime.

Ethernet also reduces the likelihood of packet loss, which helps ensure that data successfully reaches its destination frequently, which promotes stable and reliable data transfers.

High Security

Another main benefit of leveraging ethernet is that the network connections are made via physical cables. Unlike wireless networks, a malicious attacker would need access to the physical location of the cables in order to intercept data transfer.

Wireless connections provide malicious attackers with the option to breach into a network remotely by cracking the encryption key or hack into authorized devices, which is not possible with ethernet connections. Attacks such as those requiring users to log into fake access points to steal their information is also not an option via ethernet networks2.

Easily Scalable

Ethernet networks are designed to be easily scalable so organizations can adjust bandwidth to address business objectives as their internet needs change. Customers can keep purchasing additional switches, bridges, and other network infrastructure to allow more connections and capacity. Ethernet’s streamlined network infrastructure also makes redeployment and expansion easy to manage compared to some other network infrastructure.

Leverage A Tailored Ethernet Solution

SCE Carrier Solutions provides switched ethernet for enterprises, customized to fit your network needs and address connectivity challenges while promoting cost-effectiveness.

SCE’s ethernet services provide enterprises with several benefits including:

  • 50 Mb/s to over 10GB/s+ network speeds 
  • Equipment protection and route diversity 
  • 24/7 network operations center support

Interested in learning how your enterprises could leverage ethernet to increase network reliability and security? Contact us today and one of our network experts will be happy to answer any questions.

What is Switched Ethernet

[1] http://blogs.gartner.com/andrew-lerner/2014/07/16/the-cost-of-downtime/
[2] http://www.welivesecurity.com/2018/05/02/wifi-ethernet-faster-safer/
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